Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where to send your supporters

Where to send your supporters!
Two places, one is the corner of Wairamama-Onewhero Road and Kauri Roads, from 10:30 onwards. this is at 69 kilometres, and

is at the top of a climb, the riders will be approaching from Wairamarama up a climb, this climb is a reasonable length and sealed, there are places to see the race from on the climb. If your supporters do drive down the climb, please ask them not to drive any further along the course than the one lane bridge at the bottom of the climb as the road on the other side is quite narrow and riders will be approaching at speed.

The second point is Pukekawa-Churchill Road and Glen Murray Road at around 12:00. This second point is ready accessible from Rangiriri on SH1. If the supporters head along the Pukekawa-Churchill Road they will find they are at the section of flat metal, the riders will be readily visible as they approach for a couple of kilometres. Take banners and make it look like a real classic.

Please also, no supporters following the race, esp in the first half as the roads are very tight in places. Any team found breaking this rule risks being disqualified.

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