Monday, September 12, 2011

The Course

Broadly speaking the course is the same as the last one, about 125 kilometres, 1800 metres of ascending and a bit of gravel. The steepest pinch is only 16%, and there are a couple of excellent descents. There is a motley collection of wildlife that may possibly be spotted as you race. This may include, and is not limited to, cattle (Friesian, Hereford or Angus), turkeys, pheasants, hares, pigs, lambs, feral cats, magpies, sulphur-crested cockatoos, assorted road kill and a noisy Pomeranian.
The shape of the course will enable you to have spectators to witness you in a couple of key moments of glory, I will disclose those very close to the event, both are quite easily reached from state highways. One of the big considerations on the course is the lack of a suitable shop to stop at, with this in mind we will have a marshall on the course with some water at a set point, additionally, we will also allow your supporters to feed you and water you at the designated spectator points (and nowhere else).
However, it is still very much an unsupported event, and the rules still stand from the first race on the matters of on-course support and following vehicles.

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