Monday, September 19, 2011


On race day we face a couple of logistical support issues compared to the last race. The single biggest issue is the lack of a store at an appropriate point in the race, in fact, after the first hour of racing there are no shops on the race route (although some nearby). The second issue is that although the roads we will be racing on are extremely quiet and have little or no traffic, many of them are also very narrow.

To help get around this problem Race Organisation will be providing water, sweets and bananas at the 67km point. This will also be one of two feedzones, where supporters can supply food and drink to their teams (this point is about twenty five minutes drive from the start). In addition to the supplies that Race Organisation are taking to the feedzone, we can also carry individual supplies for a team.
For this to happen the team will have to bag up, and label their supplies and hand them over, prior to the start, to Race Organisation their bag of goodies. It is entirely up to the team to ensure the contents of the  bag, and while Race Organisation will do their best to ensure that the contents are delivered to the feedzone, there is no responsibility taken for any missing items.
Each team is allowed to pack a maximum of six bottles and a reasonable amount of food.

The other spot supporters can be present will be at the 92 km point where they can also hand over bottles, food etc. At that point, it would be great to see flags and banners, as teams will be exiting a metal section, and this should be quite a spectacle. From there supporters will then have to drive back to SH1 (about 5 kms away from the race at that point) and back to Tuakau via SH1 to keep them off the race course and driving in the direction of the race.

What I want to avoid is vehicles following the race (which did happen a little last time) especially with one section of road which is so narrow that stopping and backing up is the only way to pass a vehicle coming the other way!! In this section there is no way to safely pass a cyclist when moving in the direction of the race at all. In the four times I have been through the road, I have only encountered two other vehicles. We will have an observer in that section of road, and any vehicles will be noted and if found connected to the race, that team will be disqualified.

Please help us to keep the race safe and fair by ensuring that you don't have any following vehicles on the course.

In the same manner as last time, I will disclose the location and directions to those points on Saturday evening.

I am also putting together a Supporters Ride, where, on race day, supporters can ride out to parts of the course to witness the carnage. This ride will not go through any metal, and will for the most part be on separate roads to the race. The maps for this will be available on race day at the start.

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  1. Do we have locations of feed/supporters areas yet as we are trying to organise logistics. Primarily the 92k spot)