Friday, September 16, 2011


Having now been over the course a couple of times, and also having had two of us ride it at separate times, I feel confident to pronounce it race ready and a lot of fun. Similar to the course in the first race it does have some metal sections, and these are great riding and offer a good challenge and an opportunity to travel some roads that you will never go near any other time.

However this time there is a small hazard, that both Wayne and I encountered separately, it is a small set (maybe 10 metres in length) of stutter bumps on a short downhill section, that is otherwise very smooth. Rest assured I am not trying to cause alarm or fear. Why the caution? These bumps are not readily visible due to some shading on the road, and come as a pretty unpleasant surprise. I will note it well on your race map with a distance marker, and all it will need on the day is a little care.

It's nothing overly sinister, and certainly not as rough as Haruru Road in the first race, but it's more that they are a surprise if you aren't ready for them, as two of us found on two separate occasions.

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