Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The course data

Some stats around last Sunday's course.

Klondyke Road tops out at 377m asl, and is the high point of the race.
The first climb is 2.5 kilometres in length, with an average gradient of 9.5%, but there is a kilometre at an average of 11.1% and a maximum gradient of 15%. 
After the short descent the next climb is 2.9 kms @ 5.2% average.
The climb after you came off the metal, and up to Onewhero is 2.8 kms @ 4.1%.
To Wairamama hall it's 4.1kms @3.1%.
Back up to Onewhero (where the supporters where) is 3 kms @6.6%

The climbs on SH22, while numerous and sapping were small in comparison to these. (well, that's what I told my team at the time).

The total length of metal was 17.3 kms, Klondyke Road was 14.4kms and Churchill Road was 2.9kms.

First up, here are some photos of Klondyke Road on a less than wet day. This is what it looks like without mud in your eye.

This last photo is what the final kilometres of Klondyke Road at the Onewhero end looked like before the council dropped fresh metal on it, the Friday before the race. It was fast, smooth and very rideable.

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